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Japanese Name アンゼリカ
Romanized Name Anzerika
English Name Angelica
Gender Female
Height 172cm
B/W/H 95/55/89
Occupation Manager of Banded Rocking Records
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Risa Shimizu

Angelica (アンゼリカ Anzerika?) is one of the supporting characters in this series. She is the manager of the Banded Rocking Records agency.


Angelica is a chinchilla Myumon. She is a sexy-type of girl based on her looks and clothing. Her hair is blonde with a large curl in the end. Angelica is a humanoid animal, so she has a pair of ears and tail, all of which are grey. Her eyes are purple, and wears a black eyepatch on the left eye. Her lips are bright red.


Angelica tends to be strict to Maple and has a dominatrix-like personality.


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  • Angelica owns a car and a motorcycle, which she both used in the anime.