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Argon Myumon 1

Romanized Name Arugon
Gender Male
Height 185cm
Birthday March 29
Band Arcareafact
Instrument Drum
First Appearance
Anime Season 2 : Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Sawashiro, Chiharu (Japanese)

Stimac, Marcus D. (English)

Argon is a member of a band Arcareafact as a drummer. He is a Gazelle myumon.

Appearance Edit

Argon has long pink hair(tied in a pony tail) and has a muscular body physique. He wears a long white sleeveless robe, white pants with a yellow belt and Arabian-like shoes. When in Myumon form, he takes the appearance of a Gazelle with tanned(about the color of coffee) fur with a nude colored muzzle and a long pink tail.

Personality Edit

He has a very gentle,light and bright personality that seems to annoy his bandmates a little by which he is oblivious to that.

He has high stamina and he can always be found execising(using gold as wieghts). Much like his bandmates(except Titan), he tends to flaunt about his fortune. He also tends to argue with Selen quite often.

Like Yaiba(Bassist of Shingan Crimsonz), he tends to say "Sei!" before or after his sentences.

Trivia Edit

  • Before joining Acareafact, he is a CEO of a company and became the No.1 on MIDI CITY’s ranking of its top billionaires.
  • His hobbies include: Exercising, Dancing and expanding his business he can earn sound dollars while training.
  • He hates staying in one place or just staying still, even for a second(impatient isn't he).
  • He, Orion and Selen were influenced with darkness from Queen Victorious (disguised as their manager), but was later saved by Titan by showing that true talent and bonding is what will take them to the top.
  • Later on in the Anime, they are seen in Titan's place, watching their manager's reveal of her evil plan as Queen Victorious.