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Japanese Name チュチュ
Romanized Name Chuchu
English Name Chuchu
Age 14-15
Gender Female
Height 159cm
Birthday June 18
B/W/H 86/55/85
Band Plasmagica
Instrument Antique Batman Guitar
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Sumire Uesaka (Japanese)
Alexis Tipton (English)

Chuchu (チュチュ?) is one of the main characters in the series. She is the leader of thé band Plasmagica and an honor student of the school she attends.


ChuChu is a pale-skinned girl with soft rose-colored eyes and pale, long lilac hair with curls along the end and straight cut bangs. She has a white fluffy rabbit tail and very pale pink rabbit ears. 

She wears a black dress with the material cut around the torso to reveal pale indigo material beneath it, held with the dress that is held by the black strings. Around her waist is a purple belt, while each arm has a dark indigo sleeves. A lavender bow rests on her neck with a white collar. Very pale violet-pink ruffles are visible beneath the skirt. Her shoes are plain dark indigo heels with darker indigo leg warmers on top. 


A well-mannered and classy girl known for being sociable and friendly. Though she is very ambitious about her solo career, she values her band mates all the same. 


"Chu" has two meanings in English one is "Kiss", and the other one is "Life".


  • ChuChu is the leader of the band Plasmagica.
  • She doesn't like to believe in such things like charms, fortune-tellings and justification by faith. Instead she believes that in order to achieve your dreams, you must work hard for it.
  • She also shares same instrument with Cyan.
  • Her hairstyle resembles a Hime-cut. 
  • Ironically, her VA's name is Sumire and she happens to resemble an idol named Sumire from the Arcade Game and Anime known as "Aikatsu"
  • She was using Plasmagica as a stepping-stone for her solo career; but when Cyan came into the picture, attention go to her, causing Chuchu's jealousy. After realising her mistake, she decides to not leave the band. 
  • She was the first one to be brainwashed by Dagger Morse, unlike Criticrista who had a record label. 
  • Her in-game UR art has her cleavage exposed.
  • In the episode Enchanting Dream Fireworks Of A Night Journey where the girls were trying to 'find their style', Chuchu wore an outfit found in the mobile game called Love Nikki Dress UP Queen, the Bunny Girl suit.


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