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Dagger Morse
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English Name Dagger Morse
Gender Male
Occupation Manager
Debut Episode 1
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Takaya Kuroda

Dagger Morse is the manager of Unicorn Music Inc. and is also the mastermind behind the attacks on numerous bands by dark monsters.


Dagger resembles a phantom-like figure, a black being with menacing red eyes.

In Episode 12 finale Dagger becomes a cloud monster cob webbing all singers and in his first form before being killed by Mr. Berry. Dagger's final form becomes a bodybuilding monster before being killed by Cyan's final form. In his own form becomes a white blob when he was been defeated by Cyan.


Dagger is selfish and evil, planning to take over Midi City and the Sound World by assembling a very powerful band. For this, he forced the Grateful King to work with him, and summoned Cyan for her to join his agency. He is also the one controlling dark monsters in order to eliminate rival bands.


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  • Maple mentioned that he used to work with Dagger, but left the agency when he realized Dagger's true intentions.
  • He is revealed to be a Black Jellyfish in Episode 11.