Crimson Quartet
Episode 8
Episode Information
English Crimson Quartet
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 24, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
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Crimson Quartet is the eighth episode of the Show by Rock anime series. It aired on May 24, 2015.

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Plasmagica might not qualify to enter the Grateful Rock Festival because they haven't pulled off a major concert yet. Maple decided they should do a Battle of the Bands rematch with Criticrista. Meanwhile, Aion has decided to quit the band, to the shock of Crow, Aion, and Yaiba.


While Aion was being gloomier than usual, Strawberry Heart told Cyan that Myumons turn into dark monsters when they have dark feelings. Afterwards, Maple announced to Plasmagica that they may not be able to qualify to enter the Grateful Rock Festival. He reasoned that the girls haven't pull off a major concert yet, thus it's not possible for them to pass despite that their song did. On the other hand, Shingan Crimsonz passed easily because they performed an opening for Trichronika previously. Maple decided they should do a rematch with Criticrista; Angelica called Ogasawara, Criticrista's manager, and he agreed to a rematch, but mentioned it should be held next week because of their tight schedule, which is barely enough time for Plasmagica to practice. Thus, Plasmagica agreed to give it their all, ChuChu is worked up to say their new song could beat Criticrista.

As Aion is troubled with the dark monster inside him, the rest of Shingan Crimsonz were troubled with him (especially Crow). During their jamming session, Crow commented on how the songs Aion wrote were all over the place and that he was not considering how the other members felt. Insulted by Crows statements, he decided to quit the band. Crow, Yaiba, Rom and Plasmagica decided to find Aion to bring him, but Crow decided to be left behind, they searched around Midi City but no sign of Aion, Rom even told Yaiba that without Aion's talent and love for music and Crow's lyrics, they will not be the band they are. Rom and Yaiba encountered Shu Zou, he tells them to go to the Shibu Valley Center Building, where waits at the top. Shu Zou left them and Riku and Kai wondered why Shu Zou seems as if he knows Rom from the past, Shu Zou tells them of his story with Rom from their past band.

Arriving at Shibu Valley Center Building, they found Aion. The enraged Rom attacked Aion, yelling to not spout nonsense about leaving. Aion wouldn't listen, still believing he is better of on his own, before another strike from Rom, he was stopped by Crow. Crow says that he cannot allow him to leave when he made his guitar sad, that as long as no one accepted his resignation, he cannot leave. Crow apologizes for his mistake and admits that he actually recognizes Aion's talent the most and that they were able to live passionately because of his songs.

With finally seeing the light, Aion is free from the dark monster inside him and with that, Shingan Crimsonz is reunited. Meanwhile Plasmagica encountered a live message from Criticrista, they telling the news to the public about their Battle of the Bands rematch, with Logia telling Cyan to prepare for she will be flattening her in the bands.

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  • To participate in the Grateful Rock Festival, bands are required to submit a new song and to have live points(in other words, made a major performance).
  • Crow recognises Aion's talent the most out of the members in Shingan Crimsonz.
  • Shu Zou reveals his and Rom's past.
  • When Aion and Crow play together, it was Falling Roses.