Have a nice MUSIC
Episode 1
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Episode Information
Kanji ハバ ナイス ミュージック!!
English Have a nice MUSIC!!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 5, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song And You☆Are You Ready?
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Character AppearanceEdit


In this episode a girl cyan , wanted to join a band but she is to shy to say that to them. Later while playing a game she was taken into another dimension by a scary thing . there she saw band Trichronika performing on the stage . And all of the sudden wall breaks and all of them including cyan into another place where a dark monster appared and Trichronika were captured by the dark monster and Cyan save them with the help of her instrument sorry legendary instrument "Strawberry Heart" . and save three of them from the dark monster . and she turn back to normal yet she got cat tail and ears . and there she first meet to Maple and Plasmegica girls . And they ask Cyan for joining there band . Cyan thinked and joined there Band . While they were just going to "JAM" Shingan Crimsonz Appears and start sining there song. 


Cyan Hijirikawa is a simple, shy, and a cute girl student of 1st year. She wanted to join a music club because she loves music and mostly like to play guitar. But she is so shy to go, and say to them that she wanted to join their club. Suddenly the members of the music club started to practice. As the music starts, she didn't notice that she is also singing. When the the music is finished, she found out that there are so many students watching her. Because of that, she got embarrassed. School hours is over, she went back to her home and played her guitar, she got bored of that and started playing a rhythm game in her cellphone. While playing, Cyan got a high score and in return she got a reward. It is a legendary guitar called "Strawberry Heart". Suddenly, something scary appeared and she was taken into another dimension. She was so surprised and scared with a mix of excitement after that. She fell on a place where there was a concert happening. She saw a band performing called Trichronika. Due to it's amazing and cool performance, Cyan got amazed in it. All of the sudden, the wall broke up and they gone into another place where a dark monster appeared and Cyan was really afraid on it. The members of Trichronika: Kai, Shuu Zou, and Riku saw her for the first time and Riku said that the people who are skillful in music were the only allowed to enter in that place. Shuu Zou the Trichronika's leader, said to Cyan that she should not be worrying because they are going to save her. They tried to stopped the dark monster, but Kai was just going to be defeat by it, but Shuu Zou tried to save his co-member from the dark monster but he got himself in its trap. And later Kai and Riku was also trapped by it. The dark monster took the "Melodisian Stone" and Maple said that it is bad for them, if they don't get it back they will be also turn into a dark monster. Cyan is really worried and started to ask herself what she should i do. And then the guitar "Strawberry Heart" which she got in return for having a high score from the rhythm game, appeared all of a sudden and the guitar said to her that there's no time, she should hurry up and go near to the dark monster and strum it. Cyan was so shocked because the guitar is talking, and the guitar said to her that the soulful rock will synchronize with her melodisian stone and it will spark a amazing energy. Cyan was so nervous to do that, but she realized to herself that the performance done by the band Trichronika was so amazing and the dark monster interrupted it. Yet she go near to the monster and strummed the guitar and Cyan was shining so brightly, because of that the members of the Trichronika and Plasmagica got amazed on her. Due to the light shining so brightly on Cyan, the dark monster disappeared and the black melodisian stone was removed on its heart. Later the dark place disappeared and Cyan turned back to normal, yet she got her black tail and ears (cat). Later Maple, the president of the agency "Banded Rocking Records" met her. He asked Cyan to join his band. There, she also meet the Plasmagica's members ChuChu , Moa and Retoree. While giving her introduction to them she ended her sentence accidentally with the cat's sound "meow". Retoree was so in love with that word. Suddenly, Shuu Zou and his co-members appeared riding in a big long car. And there he thanks Cyan for saving them. In that time he offered her to join their Trichronika but Maple told them angrily that Cyan was signing with them. Riku told to Shu Zou that it's very dangerous because Maple was so angry. Because of that, they closed the car's window and they left while saying "bye" to their fans. After that they ride to their agency's car which got damaged by the Trichronika's car. Later they arrived to the agency and Maple introduced his agency to Cyan as "Banded Rocking Records". In there she met Angelica who is a very beautiful woman and the secretary of the president of the agency. Maple talked straightly to the point and ask her if she is interested to join a band. And if so, if she wants to join their band. Cyan answered him that she likes to join a band but she didn't join in anything yet, but she will give her best if she join his band. Maple said even though, they look like a poor people, yet they don't want to let it down like that. He said that he wanted to reached their music all around the world. Maple said to Cyan to hurry up and come to the shining stage. Angelica took his in a room and started beating him. But strangely, he came out from the room like there's a something good happened. After that, Retoree asked her that if Cyan didn't join in a band yet, why don't Cyan join them. That sentence was the mostly like to hear for Cyan. She agreed for joining their band. Moa said that "Finally a new member of Plasmagica has been born". After that Cyan got curious where she is now. But instead of knowing the answer, she focused to the happiness because she already joined a band. Then on a mysterious unknown place and an unknown man appeared and started talking to the other mysterious man that if he didn't make/release one album per anum then he will not be able to leave there. That mysterious person called him "king" he used him for writing lyrics. And keep him in a closed place where there are many legendary instruments and he was the one who planned to make Shuu Zou, Kai and Riku to turned into a dark monster. While doing all this conversation with king. He asked if he is listening. But he didn't know that king is sleeping. The Plasmagica's members went to their studio and introduced it to their new member Cyan and asked her if she wants to jam a little. And Cyan asked them if the "jam" means is to "play together", but Retoree asked her rudely, what else it would be mean? They were just about to start to jam but suddenly Shingan Crimsonz came and start singing their song. To Be Continued...




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