Enchanting Dream Fireworks Of A Night Journey is the 4th episode of the Show By Rock!! anime series. It first aired on April 26, 2015. 

Enchanting Dream Fireworks Of A Night Journey
Episode 4
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Episode Information
English Enchanting Dream Fireworks Of A Night Journey
Air Date
Japanese Air Date April 26, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song Enchanting Dream Fireworks of a Night Journey
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Plasmagica decides to watch a concert of a popular band called Tsurezure. From them, they tried to look for ways to improve. Meanwhile, Shuu Zou and Rom have a serious conversation...


Despite losing the Battle of the Bands, Plasmagica is still in high spirits and continue to practice, focusing on the new chords Cyan had composed. Once they've decided to rest, Retoree asks if they could watch a concert of the Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan band, the other members agreed especially Moa who is a Tsurezure fan and is very enthusiastic to watch the concert.

At the concert, Tsurezure provided an amazing performance to the point that members of Plasmagica commented on the originality of the band's performance. However, the "master" and drummer/vocalist of Tsurezure, Daru Tayuu described that their concert and the performance of the other two members A and Un was not enough pointing out it was just a first impression showing something new in Midi City. Still, she encourages them to work hard, and decided to take a trip around Midi City. Coincidentally, they ate in a restaurant where Plasmagica was also dining in, in reaction, Retoree and Moa end up approaching and praising the trio, whilst Cyan and ChuChu sat by speechless.

After that, the members of Plasmagica decided to come up with ridiculous ways of making their band stand out, they tried different outfits to look "original", but were unsure if it did stand out. They asked the opinions of Shingan Crimsonz, but without a clear answer. Crow, Aion and Yaiba obviously like the outfits but deny it. However, when Rom comes and the girls asked him, Rom furiously stated popularity doesn't matter, then leaves for some fresh air.

Outside, Rom meets up with Shuu Zou, who came to thank Rom helping him shine in the previous concert. Rom knocks it off and expresses he still doesn't like him and the way he is. When their conversation reached a heated climax, a brief flashback showed that both Rom and Shuu Zou used to be band mates. Regardless, Crow, Aion and Yaiba arrived inviting Rom to go to a ramen shop with them. Shuu Zou departs unscratched and Rom leaves with the trio without causing anymore trouble.

Back at the dorms, members of Plasmagica realized from Rom's comments that appearances is not the main factor that'll make themselves stand out. They decided to opt for a new song instead, especially when they haven't composed one ever since Cyan joined he band. Later, Cyan goes back to the music room to retrieve Strawberry Heart who she forgot to bring with her. Along the way, she came across Maple "patrolling" the area; he asked if Ogasawara talked to her during the Battle of the Bands, Cyan replied he didn't so Maple leaves in relief.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the manager of Unicorn Virtual Music Inc. checked if Cyan and her guitar pulled off a good performance, planning to make her join his company. Meanwhile, Moa converses with her mother, expressing that she wants to go home, but at the same time she doesn't want to leave her friends and the new planet she is in.