Episode 5
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Episode Information
English Maze of DESTINY
Air Date
Japanese Air Date May 3, 2015
Featured Songs
Opening Youth is Non-Stop!
Ending Have a Nice Music!
Insert Song CS
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Maze of DESTINY is the 5th episode of the series. It was released on 3rd May 2015. 

Character Appearance Edit


Tsurezure was attacked by a dark monster similar to the one that attacked Trichronika from before. Meanwhile, Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz prepare for another concert that targets new bands like them. However, attacks on popular bands by these dark monsters has Strawberry Heart reminding Cyan about her job to fight them, this puts Cyan in a terrible situation, especially when ChuChu finds out that Cyan is hiding something...


Tsurezure was attacked by a dark monster after their concert, though they got away safely, Daru Tayuu is injured and has to rest, but she notes that someone is responsible for these attacks. Meanwhile, Maple announces that Future Indies Band (an agency targeting new and unpopular bands) will host a performance concert, and Maple tells them that Plasmagica and Shingan Crimsonz will be part of it. The two bands are excited for this and prepare themselves for it. Unbeknownst to them, at Unicorn Virtual Music Inc., the manager, Dagger, warns the exiled Grateful King that unless he makes a new song, more troubles will take place in the city.

The reports of the attacks of dark monsters on popular bands do not go unnoticed, eventually members of Plasmagica come to discuss about this as well, knowing Cyan once encountered and drove back the monsters. Retoree invites Cyan to research on this issue, but she actually wanted to bond with Cyan more. Afterwards, Strawberry Heart converses with Cyan telling her to do her job in fighting the monsters, especially when Cyan needs to do it not only to stop the attacks but ultimately to get Cyan back to her real world. ChuChu eavesdropped in the conversation and was shocked that Cyan was talking to her guitar (and the guitar responded) and realized that she has to make Cyan explain the things she's trying to hide, but is unsure of how she could talk to Cyan about it. At the same time, Maple and Angelica are aware of the troubles going on.

Once they've arrived at the concert, Plasmagica meets another band that will perform besides them, the Shizuku Secret Mind. It's two members were present and discussed the issue with Plasmagica; ChuChu managed to stop Moa from mentioning that Cyan was involved in the issue.

Amidst a performance by Shingan Crimsonz, news broke out that a dark monster once again appeared, this time in a concert by a band called Ninjinriot. Strawberry Heart ordered Cyan to get there and fight the monster but Cyan resisted because she didn't want to leave her band as they were about to perform. As they argue, ChuChu arrives and demands an explanation from Cyan, now knowing that the guitar did talk. Cyan wasn't able to answer and was forced to leave and face the monster anyway, promising she'd back. However, Cyan arrived to find that the dark monster wasn't there, and that Ninjinriot escaped unharmed. She then thought that the monster might actually be targeting Plasmagica, so she hurries back to save them.

She gets back to find that nothing bad had happened, and that Shingan Crimsonz finished their concert without trouble. By this time, however, ChuChu, Retoree, and Moa demanded that Cyan explain to them who she really is. Cyan finally answered their questions, telling them that it's her obligation to fight the monsters and that she was from another world, and eventually she'll have to go back. She asked for forgiveness that she was hiding all this and wasn't telling them, but Retoree got angry at her and left, dismayed and frustrated that Cyan didn't tell them sooner nor the fact that Cyan will leave them anyway. Maple arrived to see the trouble and Cyan crying after all that had happened.



  • Two new bands appeared: Shizuku Secret Mind and Ninjinriot.
  • Cyan tell everyone that she's not from "Sound World"
  • ChuChu hears Cyan talking to her instrument "Strawberry Heart"