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Japanese Name レトリー
Romanized Name Retorī
English Name Retoree
Age 15-16
Gender Female
Height 150cm
Birthday November 7
B/W/H 76/52/78
Band Plasmagica
Instrument Blue Station Guitar
First Appearance
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Manami Numakura (Japanese [Anime] )

Eri Kitamura (Game)
Caitlin Glass (English [Anime] )

Retoree (レトリー Retorī?) is one of the main characters in this series. She is a member of the band Plasmagica


Retoree is a tanned girl with gold eyes worn with a pair of glasses. She has very long pale blonde hair worn in twin-tails held by a three-piece midnight blue ribbon. She has a long, fluffy, pale blonde dog tail that matches her hair. 

Her outfit resembles a school uniform. She wears a white uniform top with a pale orange collar to match the cuff and straps on each sleeve. Lining the collar is a single orange line to match the pleated material under her shirt. A loose red tie is worn around her neck, while her skirt is pale orange pleat with a single orange line inches from the bottom. She wears above the knee dark blue boots with a dark orange garter on her left leg. 


The smart girl of the group, Retoree is referred to as a "net-geek" who usually relies on her smartphone whenever she feels like it. 


  • She loves to use the internet and play games.
  • Retoree is believed to have a crush on her co-member Cyan.
  • She hates hipsters, but has a soft spot for Cyan.
  • She loves to take pictures (mostly of Cyan being cute) with her phone.


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