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Japanese Name (ツキノ
Romanized Name Tsukino
English Name Tsukino
Gender Female
Height 152cm
Birthday September 16
B/W/H 81/60/82
Band Criticrista
Instrument Keyboard
First Appearance
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyū Ai Kayano

Tsukino (ツキノ?) is one of the members of the band Criticrista. According to the anime, she is a bear.

Her melodisian stone was tainted with dark melodisian by Dagger Morse.


Tsukino is a pale-skinned girl with sapphire eyes and very long flowing ice blue hair with a single, pale yellow cowlick. She wears a blue spade clip and has pale blue bear ears and tail. 

She wears a white tank top with a blue collar lined with white ruffles. An indigo and white striped cloth is attached to a gold and sapphire spade charm. This top is worn over a pale blue shirt with its sleeves resting below her shoulders. She wears a blue pleated skirt with white ruffles and a single white line near the bottom. Her boots are plain white with  silver cuff and three tiny spots below a spade. These are worn with dark pink striped stockings. Attached to her back are two white capes with yellow spades depicted on them, and she has simple white gloves on with a small blue wristwatch. 


Tsukino has a rather child-like personality, and seen as very naive. She likes eating, and is often found eating various treats in her spare time.


  • Tsukino likes delicious food.
  • She really doesn't want to be hungry anytime.
  • Her band were the first victims in the series to have their melodisian stones tainted with dark melodisian.


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